After repeated requests of my business associates, pards and customers to list some of the "positive feedback" I've gotten over the years on my trousers, I'm posting a small sampling of some on this page. Additionally, at the end of this page I've posted something we received that we very highly prize here in the shop. All of this kind feedback has made the past 44+ years in the trade worth every minute.

This from Paul Calloway on an AUTHENTIC CAMPAIGNER thread.

"...I feel that the museum grades that Chris makes are of sufficient quality and appreciate his honesty about the content [ed.note: Woolrich 85/15 (%) blend wool is referred to here although we now work in 100% pure woolens as well] of his trousers. In my experience, the color, weight, texture and weave of his fabric passes muster. I'm happy with my Sullivans cuz I've laid them out side by side with originals as well as with every other reproduction pair in the business, and Chris Sullivans Museum Grade trowsers are an extremely faithful reproduction."

"Oh and one more thing; I think a little more context on Chris Sullivan is warranted. For those of you that look forward to and utilize the Bully Buys on this website, Chris Sullivan was the very first to offer a Bully Buy - almost [19] years ago. He got the ball rolling. He took a chance on something, when NOBODY else would even listen to me. Not out of greed, but out of a desire to get guys in gear that looks a whole heck of a lot better than their [sutler row] gear. I want to state publicly that he's as good as they come."

This from Bob Braun of the 33rd Wisconsin Inf. from an AUTHENTIC CAMPAIGNER thread as well.

"Chris is an old and dear friend... who was producing correctly made watch-pocketed, correct overlapping cuff, hand-sewn button holed trowsers for the reenacting community long before some readers of this thread were even born. His research into materials, methods, wools, dyes, construction techniques, etc. (let alone knowledge on the myriad uniforms and styles) were ongoing at a time when just getting into a wool suit was the rage. His analysis of trouser problems seen in many of the main-stream uniform providers was known to me YEARS before the "Great Trowser Hoax" opus took the reenacting community by storm. In short, he was into deep analysis and questions as to why some maker's items didn't look like the originals 20 years before it became fashionable.

Chris has stated his trouser research, materials, and construction details plainly. The rest is up to the buyer."

Additional kind words also on the Authentic Campaigner.

      ... and we very much appreciate this fine product review from the 40th PVI website as well.


These additional kind messages have been received here at the shop concerning my trousers and customer service.



"Got the trousers today right on time. They are wonderful, and I thank you for the beautiful workmanship. They are the nicest trousers I own."

"Those trousers are absolutely splendid! You have one very happy customer this side of the pond. The detailing is superb and by the way: my wife loves them too!" "... and as Arnie says: "I'll be back...""
F. O'GORMAN, Dublin, Ireland

"Got my trousers and I love em! They fit perfect and I can't wait to show them off to my pards!! You are truly a master of your craft and it definitely shows in your work, communication and every detail you put in the trousers."
J. ANDERSON, Missouri

"I received the trousers today and they are stunning!!!"
J. TEEPLE, Missouri

"... you make the best CW trousers in the business, as I tell everyone I know (but I think there's pretty much universal agreement about that)".
P. HUTCHINS, Virginia

"I received the trousers today. They are great! The workmanship is superb! They are everything that I've heard about and expected. Thank you for the quality, your professionalism and the turn-around time. I can't wait to get out there this season and show them off. Compliments from others don't do you justice".

"...once again must commend you of the exquisite craftsmanship you put into your work. Yours is some of the best I have seen as of yet, and unbelievably close to original examples".
K WINDAHL, Pennsylvania

"Your trowsers are the BEST that I have ever seen and touched. The fabric is great, the workmanship impeccable and the fit perfect. A number of my pards have trowsers made by you and always swear by them and never at them".
D. ENNEN, Illinois

"Wow!!!! Impressive Chris!!! VERY comfortable, really an outstanding fit. Thanks again for an outstanding product."
E. MANZO, California

"HEY CHRIS!!!!! These pants ROCK!!!! Perfect fit and the quality of the workmanship is exceptional!"

"P...E...R...F...E...C...T...I...O...N !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The weight of the cloth is perfect, the color is perfect, and the cuff work is genius. I feel like I have an original pair of trousers on. The comfort is fantastic thank you so much for getting them out to me last minute. You have a very happy customer for life."

"I can't believe the attention to detail you have shown in these trowsers. They're great. I almost feel bad wearing them in the field. If every tailor took this much time [with customers] it would a pleasure to do the research and make purchases."

"... if you knew how giddy I was to get a pair of the famed "Chris Sullivan Trousers" on Saturday, you would have laughed yourself silly. I am truly thankful you were able to make them for me."
D. BRUCE, Wisconsin

"What great workmanship! God certainly has blessed you with ability! I was very impressed ... they are superb! I am very impressed with the materials, workmanship and the fit. Thank you, Chris, for your help and professionalism. Ah, they aren't just pants, they're Sullivans!"
M. GARBUS. Missouri

"The trousers look great and fit well. Your work was just what I had heard and expected, fantastic!"
B. SMITHSON, Rhode Island

"Thank you so much for the great pair of trousers. The workmanship was great and I really think that they look very authentic. I appreciate your help and you exemplify what makes for a good businessman by having both a superior product and first rate customer service. You are what makes America strong!"
T. RUPEL, Indiana

"I just wanted to say that your trousers are excellent and I have enjoyed marching/sleeping/fighting in them for the past several months. I would recommend you to anybody and that resulted in a couple of my pards buying some trousers from you. You were also the greatest guy to work with. I just wanted to say thank you again, and I will recommend you to anyone."
Z. BAUER, Ohio

"Wow, I just received my pair of museum grade trowsers. They just look RIGHT. I was very impressed with the construction and attention to detail evident in this garment. Chris has definitely captured the look and feel of the original items. The customer service was a cut above. I would and will recommend Chris to anyone who will take the time to listen. Bravo Chris, and thanks for your superior customer service".
J. HAMBY, Virginia

"Chris, trousers arrived today. Needless to say, they are everything I hoped they would be: top quality fabric, well made, and they fit! Your customer service, communication, and support are outstanding. Won't hesitate to share that message with comrades. Hope to shake your hand someday."
F. LYNCH, Pennsylvania

"The trousers were PERFECT! I have nothing but praise for your products and service. If you ever need an endorsement (and I can't see why you would), you know you can count on me."
B. CROSS New Jersey

[The officer's trousers] are fantastic and can't wait to wear them to an event; waist and hem are exactly what I asked for and fit great. Thank you!
C. BELLAND, Minnesota

"Just wanted to throw you a note here and tell you that I wore the new trousers you made at Spangler Springs living history and got tons of complements on them. They fit great and I love them. Thanks again, you are my man for trousers for sure.
C. ROSE, New Jersey

"The trousers fit me perfectly; plenty of room in the seat and in the legs. Thanks for taking care of me; I wish every vendor worked like you!"
C. ROSIEKI, Indiana

"Well sir, it is always better to provide an evaluation after a year of constant wear. They looked good and fit good on arrival, but better yet the trousers held up through a steady campaign of over 12 months duration without a problem ... actually looking much better now with a little skillet grease, red mud, and some spilled brandy for accent."
J. LASSUS; Co. B, 9th Kentucky Infantry

"Hey Chris! Just wanted to let you know that I received my trousers yesterday! They fit great, look great, and I am very impressed with your craftmanship. I will order from you again so save my info, please! You're awesome!!! "
1st Sgt. E. MUEHLENBEIN; 51st OVI Co. B & Corporate President

Please feel free to use Christopher's and my name on your website for product endorsements. As you know I stand by the quality of your goods and have no problems recommending your services to others. Unlike other higher priced trousers I've never blown out the a** of any pair trousers made by you and your fine company. Not only do you offer an accurate and affordable pair of trousers your trousers are also durable. Now if you would only start making Federal sack coats." [:-)]

"Well done sir, well done!"

"I've heard nothing but praise for your patterns and construction on your trousers. If it is possible, I'd be very interested in purchasing a pair..."
E. FAIR, Washington

"Took delivery of the trousers [and they] are FANTASTIC. I am totally pleased not only with the trousers exceptional quality and authenticity but with your service".
D. FULLARTON, Maryland

"I got my Deering Museum grade Federal trousers ... One word. OUTSTANDING! I greatly appreciate your attention to detail..."

"The trousers are a perfect fit! Your product has once again lived up to its esteemed reputation."
L. LEVINE, New York

"I have tried on the trousers and they are perfect! I cannot begin to thank you in words, so I'll just spread your good name around the campfire instead."
L. GORDON, North Carolina

"I received my trousers a few days ago and absolutely love em! Your customer service and quality of your products made my day". :)"
M.MICKLETZ, Pennsylvania

"I just recieved my pants and am totally happy with everything. The buttonholes look great, everything seems to be in top shape. Thank you very much for not only the courteous and friendly correspondence, but the superb work as well. I'll be sure to recommend you to all my pards and anyone who asks."

"Just a quick note to thank you for my museum grade Deering trousers (which I received Friday last). I can't wait to wear them ... your workmanship is impressive."
T. EDRIDGE, New Jersey

"Sir, MAGNIFICENT!!!!! Thank You!!!!! You Sir, have quite made my month!!! I've never had britches that fit so well or were so comfortable. I am in awe. You will of course realize that I've admired your garments adorning the posteriors of my comrades from AFAR... which is not NEARLY close enough to truly appreciate your skills & talents so evident in, and on, person. I got the package in fine condition ... could barely WAIT to get home & take the test drive ... I'm wearin' 'em as I type. Sir, my most abject and grateful thanks for all your efforts. I am stunned, Sir, stunned. And I shall take the liberty of calling and expressing so in person on the morrow."
B. ROLLIN, Louisiana (This message was in reference to officers trousers)

"Couldn't ask for a better fitting pair of trousers. I want to thank you again and commend you on your customer service and great quality trousers. I would recommend them and you to anyone."
J. LAU, New Jersey

"... [the trousers] are beautiful, very good craftsmanship."

"...I received the trousers yesterday and they are very satisfactory! They fit perfectly, your workmanship is excellent and I appreciate your attention to detail. Thank you for your fine service."
B. PETERS, Wisconsin

"The trousers that you made for me arrived today and they look and feel great. I'll make sure to order some more from you and who ever wants a pair of new trousers, I'll direct them to you. Thanks for the time and effort you put into these."
J. RAY, Tennessee

"Thanks for a great job on my light blue trows! They came yesterday and fit just fine. I love the details you put on them ... thanks again for a great product! I can't wait to wear them at my next event."
J. REYNOLDS, Maryland

The trousers arrived today and I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you very much, they are extremely high quality and they were exactly what I expected."
D. SUTTON, California

"Both pairs arrived today and fit wonderfully! I will not hesitate to pass on to my messmates the quality products and outstanding service your business offers."
D. TOWSEN, Pennsylvania

"Just a quick note to let you know that the Federal enlisted infantry trousers arrived today and they are awesome! Thanks so much. The stamps are excellent and so is the handwork. Thank you so very much for your excellent products and service. I really appreciate it."
T. PRINCE, Tennessee

"My set of commercial grade mounted trousers are still going strong. I've had them for about 2 1/2 years now. I've been to local and national events and have ridden literally hundreds of miles in them and have not a single problem with any seams ripping or any problems with them wearing out. Thanks again for a wonderful pair of trousers".
J.WEIGHTON, Wisconsin

"I received the two pair of Deering tousers earlier this week. Having examined them thoroughly and tried them on I have to confess that I don't find them good at all. The word "good" doesn't event come close. They're awesomely excellent (which is many notches above good in my book). Clearly the attention to detail you put into your work makes all the difference and the purchase well worth it. Thanks for making an awesome-- not just good-- pair of trousers."
J. MAZUR, Texas

"I got the trousers last Monday, and, well, blame my cats, they're great! It's like I broke into a museum and ran off with a pair of originals! They fit fantastic - probably the only pair of pants you can hike up over your waist and still look durn bully. Three rousing cheers for a job well done!"
J. WICKERSTY, New Jersey

"Got 'em today!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you VERY MUCH for these trousers! They are fantastic!!"
J. WICKETT, Indiana

"OH MY GOD, these are the SWEETEST pair of trousers I have ever received!!! Great handsewing, AWESOME material [ed.note: FHW wool] ......I really just can't think of the right words to describe them! By the way, I really like the size marking and US Inspector stamp along with the Wm. Deering one! Excellent buttonholes, and the cotton drill and brown polished cotton are first rate! I cannot thank you enough for getting them to me on time, and, for making them in general! I can't wait to brag to all my pards about these!!! It was worth each and every penny, and again, I cannot thank you enough."
J. HIGHLAND, Colorado

"I received my trousers today. They are really cool!!! They fit great and are so very well made. You're a talented man! I am completely satisfied."
S. SCHNAPP, Pennsylvania

"The trousers ... are OUTSTANDING!!!!! Your authenticity and customer service are top notch."
C. TEASLEY, Washington

"I recieved the trousers today and they are wonderful. I put them next to my other pair ... and your's rock. I can't wait to wear them this weekend. Thanks",
D. SESSER, Arkansas

"Got the tousers today and tried them on, they fit great, they look great... hell they are great!"
P. SHRAKE, Wisconsin



"I just received the SA Trousers in the medium sky blue in 44x32 and wow, great fit.I am very pleased with the color and the fit but it was the service that make these trousers beyond top-notch! I will be returning to you for all future trouser needs. Thank you from a VERY satisfied customer."
J. TAYLOR, Missouri

" ... you are one of THE BEST vendors to do business with. Hands down."
H. COATS, Georgia

"I haven't even bought anything from you and already this is the best customer service I have ever seen anywhere! I will make sure to pass this along to the rest of my unit".
D. LOPUZZO, New Jersey

"You are the BEST vendor, hands down on our preferred list for the 14th CT. Also confirmed by my fellow Pards".
I. MOY, Connecticut

"I just have to say Chris, that you are one of the best people to deal with in this hobby. Every time I've emailed you with a question or anything whether I've purchased or not, you have always been super prompt and super nice and I just want to say thank you!"

"WOW ... You should teach a class on customer service as you certainly know what you are about sir!  I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I am with your customer service."
T. PARROTT, California

"I will continue to recommend you as an excellent source of quality trowsers, and GREAT customer service. I can say, without hesitation, you have been the best to deal with out of all the other providers of period equipment."
M. KARWEICK, Wisconsin

"Thank you for such great customer service and rapid delivery. You have the best customer service of any vendor in the hobby. We definitely will be doing business again."
A. SIEGEL; 2nd Rhode Island Vols, Co. B

"Thanks also for your fantastic customer service, your hard work and 35 years to the reenacting community!"

"I would like to thank you for both your excellent service and quality product. Stony Brook sets the standard in both areas. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I will be recommending your company to anyone in need of a pair of Federal trousers. Thanks again!"
C. WOLFE, Georgia

"Your service and communication are second to none!
G. DAIMWOOD, Tennessee

"WOW! What a pleasure it is to deal with you compared with most other sutler & suppliers!"
J. STEINLE, Colorado

"I am continuously impressed with your commitment to customer satisfaction ..."
R. CARTER, New Jersey

"I'm very satisfied with my purchase [and] would just like to comment that out of all the tailors/sutlers, etc. I have dealt with in accquiring my kit, you are by far my favorite to deal with. Your service is fast and your emails are always helpful. Thank you very much; it has been a pleasure doing business with you."
C. HARDING, Pennsylvania

"I have had many dealings with you Mr.Sullivan and have always found you to be a gracious and a quality businessman. You are a tribute to businessmen everywhere. Thanks again.
R. MILLER, Illinois

"You're living up to all of the great things people keep saying about you!"
T. GARLAND, Connecticut

You are an amazing businessman. Thanks for all you do!
L. BROWN, Georgia

"Thank You for providing such an Outstanding [Consignment] Service!!!"
R. ECKART, Minnesota

"Great job on the trousers [and] I'll recommend you to everyone. You really give this hobby a good name with your excellent customer service!"
J. DAVIS, Indiana

"It is refreshing to have a great communicator when it comes to business."
J. Baker, Texas

"I appreciate your concern to maintain contact with your customers. Today, I received my order. The trousers look great as I would expect. I always recommend you to my friends. It is a pleasure to do business with an individual that is so responsive to a customer".
E. POWELL, New Jersey

"There would be a lot less dissatisfied customers if all vendors communicated the way you have concerning the consignments. Thanks for keeping me updated because that is the kind of service that gives someone like me a great reason to tell others to buy from you".
W. OWEN, Virginia

"Your excellent service and attention to customers is what keeps me coming back, as well as recommending you. Put that comment on your website and include my signature!"
1st SGT. E. MUEHLENBEIN; Co. B, 51st OVI

"Wow! It's always neat to talk to someone who's done their research."
T. PUTMAN, Michigan

" ...the trousers came out great. NICE JOB!! I am very pleased and appreciate your attention to detail. We continue to talk you up amongst the boys. Your customer service skills are the best I have seen to date in the sutler industry of late. We appreciate your efforts."
J.BLAKE, New Hampshire

"This hobby needs more suppliers that are as easy to deal with as you are. The trousers are wonderful. I happen to be the editor of our regiments newsletter and you can be certain that you will be highly praised in the next edition for your work. I will personally see to that."
R. DICKS, Pennsylvania

"Thanks Chris I appreciate the time and length of your response. You are the first to care enough to really give me a rundown on the care of the uniform."
B.SHEA, Massachusetts

"I would also like to thank you for your exceptional customer service. This along with your top-rail products has made me a customer for life."
M. PALADA, Missouri

"I've never had such great service in this hobby before! I will definitely let all my pards know!!!!"
B. McCULLOUGH, Georgia

" ... I received the trousers and they fit GREAT!!! Thanks for all you do for the reenacting community, and you'll always have my business. Thanks again!!
T. BLACKMON, North Carolina

"Thank you soooo much for all of your help and assistance! May Diogenes find you in the light of his lamp."
C. SHERIDEN, New Jersey

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Well, I guess that gets the idea across. To these gentlemen and all the many, MANY others who have called, written or e-mailed me over the years about their satisfaction with my trousers, I do sincerely thank YOU for your valued patronage and your very kind words.


(Tune: Bold Thade Quill)

Living History's a hobby,
That features the shoddy,
The incorrect, faulty and questionable, too,
But one shouldn't quit
Upgrading his kit
Til he's bought a pair of trousers from Chris Sullivan new.
Tin buttons upon them,
The blue wool is well spun,
The seams and the stitching entirely right,
The weave is correct,
The thread quite select,
The sturdy front pockets are a soldier's delight.

For marching or drilling,
For fighting so grueling,
For mounting steep breastworks as fast as you can,
There's nothing you name
Enhances your game
As a good pair of trousers from Chris Sullivan.

When you sit by the fire,
Hungry or tired,
And some Jonah spills embers, coffee or grease,
Don't be alarmed,
Your legs won't be harmed,
They're protected by Sullivans, stay at your ease.
And when you are sleeping,
You are in safe keeping,
For Sullivans comfortably keep out the cold,
The mosquitos are vexed,
The ticks are perplexed,
Their bites can't penetrate Chris Sullivan's wool.

At the great reenactment
At Gettysburg site,
Where the participants numbered a thousand or more,
The audience clapped
And oohed in delight
At the sight of Chris Sullivans the Yankee boys wore.
And the Rebels did declare,
That the whole thing was unfair,
The spotlight wasn't on them and diminished their fun.
They admitted defeat,
They just couldn't compete,
With the eye-seizing, crowd-pleasing Chris Sullivans.

If the occassion is normal,
Loose and informal,
Or demands strict attire for solemnity's sake,
Few things are seldom
So universally welcome
As the sky blue trousers Chris Sullivan makes.
And out on the dance floor
There's nothing you could ask for
That puts spring in your step and verve to your dance,
And that's not to mention
The ladies' attention,
They love stroking the fabric of Chris Sullivan pants.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

John J. Dewey 33rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry



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