We will be replacing our "Museum Grade" Schuylkill Arsenal depot pattern trousers with the William Deering contract pattern trousers effective JANUARY 1st 2019. Therefore, as of January 1st, "Museum Grade" Schuylkill Arsenal pattern trousers will no longer be available. This page will then be updated with the new "Museum Grade" Deering trouser detail information PLUS Deering trouser photos.

Also, our fabic supplier has closed and we have had to locate a new source of wool for our "Museum Grade" trousers. Regrettably, fabric prices from our new source are significantly higher and will be reflected in our "Museum Grade" trouser price.

We expect to receive our first shipment of sky bue wool for this product line sometime in January (sorry, a specific date for this is still unknown). When we receive it we will make that announcement here and resume taking orders at that time.