STONY BROOK COMPANY, 169 West Fifth Street, Oswego, New York 13126-2505
( PHONE:   315-343-1557 . . . E-MAIL: )

STANDARD GRADE; MOUNTED pattern: ....................................... $195.00
MUSEUM GRADE; MOUNTED pattern: ........................................... $265.00

OFFICERS! Please e-mail me for information on your trousers.

FIRST, select (click the blue arrow) from the drop-down boxes below your GRADE and COLOR.

         GRADE                     COLOR

NEXT, PLEASE PRINT OFF THIS FORM (will print 2 pages) and fill in the information below.

1. WAIST AT NAVEL MEASUREMENT: ______    (you measured at navel level, right? :-) Don't go by jeans size on this)

2. HIPS/SEAT MEASUREMENT:              ______    (as measured around the fullest part of the seat/buttocks)

3. INSEAM MEASUREMENT:                   ______   (now here we can go by your jeans size tag)

Next, please check off any STRIPING OPTIONS SELECTION(S) desired:

[_] Corporal striping, HAND sewn (CIRCLE ONE:    ART.   CAV.)   ($25.00)
[_] Sergeant striping, HAND sewn (CIRCLE ONE:    ART.   CAV.)   ($30.00)
[_] If you wish to handsew on your own striping, we'll include loose lengths to do your trousers. Length of striping for:
     CORPORAL - $14.50 -//- SERGEANT - $19.50

Our trouser striping is done in wool tape not wool fabric.   ALSO, all our striping is sewn on BY HAND.


$_____________ TROUSER SELECTION (Price of grade selected. If more than one just fill in total trouser costs)

$_____________ NCO Striping

$_____________ 8% NEW YORK STATE SALES TAX (For New York residents ONLY)

$______12.50___ SHIPPING (if more than one pair, contact me for exact shipping cost)

$_____________ TOTAL ORDER


Please make check or money order out to STONY BROOK COMPANY and mail to the address on the top of this page. If you need to use PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD please e-mail me before you order. PP & CC use incurs a small fee.



Please PRINT your shipping or mailing address below:




This address is for: [_] POST OFFICE ONLY ... [_] UPS ONLY ... [_] EITHER

PHONE NUMBER: __________________________ [_] HOME -or- [_] WORK

E-MAIL ADDRESS (if available): __________________________________________

If you have any comments about your order or special fitting requirements, please write them below or on the back of this order form so we may address them.

Please allow at least EIGHT weeks for your order to be manufactured.
This is from the date WE receive the order here at the office. THANKS!