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C.S. Surgeon's Dark Blue Wool Trousers. Lots Of Wear. Made By Quartermaster Shop. Size 40" x 31". Will Go 42" w/ The Rear Tie Let Out. Has 2" Of Fabric Rolled Up In The Cuff Which Can Be Used To Lengthen The Trousers A little. Has The Regulation Pattern Side Seam Striping (black with gold trimmed edges). These Trousers Have Seen A Lot Of Service But Are Still Solid And Serviceable. Some Wear In The Crotch But No Holes. The Gold Edging On The Striping Has A Lot Of Wear And Subsequent Repairs. The Striping Can Be Removed To Make A Plain Dark Blue Pair Of Trousers. Pewter Buttons Throughout. Owner Added Two Hand Sewn Grommet Holes In The Back To Accommodate A Tie-Back Cord. Side Seam Main Pockets But No Watch Pocket.


. . . plus . . .


U.S. Double Bag Knapsack. U.S. 1853/1855 Double Bag Knapsack By C&D Jarnagin. In Encellent Condition. Was Copied From An Original Which Belonged To Private Charles L. Cogar of Company F, 2nd Iowa Infantry.


. . . as well as . . .


Civilian Vest & Trouser Set. Both Made From Medium Shade Of Lightweight Brown Wool And Both Are Entirely Machine Sewn. Size 44 Vest Has A Six Wool Covered Buttons (same wool as the vest), Three Vest Style Pockets, White Cotton Lining, Black Cotton Backing Plus Two Rear Adjustment Belts w/ Small Gun Metal Gray Buckle. Does Not Have The Full "Shawl" Pattern Collar But The Style Where The Collar Is Sewn Into The Shoulder Seam. Size 42" x 32". Trousers Have Side Seam Pockets And A Right Side Watch Pocket. Waistband Has A Rear Tie-Back Cord. Pewter Buttons Throughout. Both The Vest & Trousers Have Been Worn But Remain In Nice Condition. This Matching Set Was Privately Made.


C.S. (or civilian) Jean Wool Sack Coat. Brand New Never Worn And From The Sutler Of Ft. Scott. Rust/Butternut Color Jean Wool w/ A Slightly Course Feel. Size 48. Hand Sewn Button Holes. Four Wooden Buttons On Front. Rolled Collar & Lapels. Three Button Functioning Cuffs. Three Front Body Pockets. Lined In White Cotton (not muslin) In Body & Sleeves. Stamped inside "D.B. CAMP. Savannah 48".


. . . in addition to . . .

"ODDS & ENDS" (fabrics)

Two Yards Of Navy Blue Wool Flannel. 100% Wool. Navy Blue Not Super Dark Blue/Black. Will Work Well For A U.S. Sack Coat (check your pattern to make sure two yards will work for the size you need). Measures 58" wide (unfolded).

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U.S. Artillery Sergeant-Major Chevrons.   #DS9387.

White Cotton Shirt.   #DS7761 (fits 36" chest).

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C.S.Royal Blue Wool Trousers. Made By Andrew Kasmar. "Campaigner Grade" w/ Lots Of Hand Stitching Plus Entirely Hand Top Stitched.. Size 44" x 31". Worn One Time, Freshly Dry Cleaned And Remains In Excellent Condition! Buttoning Top Entry ("mule ear") Pockets, Osnaburg Pocket Bags, Facings & Upper Back Panel Lining, Two Rear Adjustment belts w/ Brass Buckle. Rolled Hand Hemmed Cuffs.

C.S. Dark Blue Staff Officers Trousers. Made By Quartermaster Shop. Used But In Very Good Condition. Size 42" x 30". Has A 1/4” Wide Metallic Gold Stripe Down Each Outer Seam. Right Side Watch Pocket, Pewter Buttons Throughout. Inside Cottons Are Heavy Unbleached Muslin

C.S. Gray Jean Wool Commutation Jacket. Maker Unknown. Size 46. Worn Only A Couple Times To Non-Field Events And Remains In Excellent Condition. Lots Of Hand Stitching Plus Entirely Hand Top Stitched. Hand Sewn Button Holes. Five 7/8" Stamped Brass Block “I” Buttons On The Front. Pialn Cuffs. Checkered Cotton Shirting Body Lining w/ Osnaburg Sleeve Linings. No Pockets.

C.S. Accoutrement Set. From A Late War Impression. Black Painted Canvas (but w/ a leather front cover & some assorted leather parts) .58 Caliber Box w/ A Large Single Tin Plus Painted Cotton Sling w/ Leather Bales. This Set Has Seen Its Share Service And Shows Wear. However, It Still Remains In Solid Serviceable Condition. Comes w/ A Black Leather “WILLIAMS BRANDS & CO, Columbus, Geo”. Stamped C.S. Pattern Cap Box.

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C.S. Officer's Uniform.   Size 46 Light Gray Wool Frock & Vest + 40"/41" x 32 1/2" Matching Trousers. The FROCK COAT Is Double Breasted w/ Black Collar & Cuffs, Two Rows Of Bullion Sleeve Braid + Captain's Bars On The Collar. Black Wool Tail Plaquets. Full Length White Cotton Lining. The VEST Is The Usual Nine Button Front w/ Standing Collar, Three Vest Style Pockets Plus A Black Cotton Lining & Backing. Two Rear Adjustment Belts w/ A Small Two-Tine Vest Pattern Buckle. TROUSERS Have One-Piece Solid Cut Back Panels w/ Tailoring Darts, Side Seam Pattern Pockets, Right Side Watch Pocket, Paperbacked Tin Buttons Throughout And A Black 1/8" Side Seam Welting Round Out These Trousers. This Set Was Worn A Couple Times But Remains In Great Shape. Entirely Machine Sewn Including Button Holes. Button On The Frock And Vest Are U.S. Staff Officer Pattern (easily changed out by the buyer if desired). Made In England.

. . . . . . . . . .

Black Painted Leggings Used But In Good Shape. Side Straps & Roller Buckle Adjustment. Leather Under Sole Straps. Maker Unknown. More Info Pending.

. . . . . . . . . .

Five Button Civilian Sack Coat. Lightweight Gray Wool (gray with a tinge of brown to it). Size 46 to 48. Currently Has Federal Staff Buttons On The Front For A Military Impression. However, The Seller Is Sending Us Some Civvy Pattern Buttons To Sew On To Replace the Federal Buttons. This Will Convert It Back To Civilian Service. Three Slash Pattern Pockets Plus One Inside Breast Pocket In The Black Cotton Twill Lining. Some Light Fraying On The Cuffs. Originally Made By New Columbia (a long time ago).

. . . . . . . . . .

Civilian Blue Cotton Denim Vest. Size 46. Made By Andrew Kasmar. Used But In Very Nice Conditon. More Specific Information Pending.

. . . . . . . . . .

Black Wool Paletot. Size 46. Double Breasted. Full Length Black Polished Cotton Lining. Principally Machine Sewn Including Button Holes. Worn Just A Couple Times And Remains In Great Condition Inside And Out. Currently Has 3/4" U.S. Eagle Buttons On It But These Can Be Easily Changed Out (by the new owner) To Black Cloth Covered Or Gutta Percha Buttons To "Recivilianize" It. (did I just create a word? :-).

. . . . . . . . . .

U.S. Dark Blue Jean Wool Kepi. Size 7 3/4. Very Low Pattern Crown. Enameled Visor & Chin Strap. Worn Only Twice And Remains In Great Condition. Made By Jason Wickersty.

. . . . . . . . . .

U.S. Sack Coat. Size 44. Dark Blue Wool Body (looks like Woolrich wool) w/ A Camel Colored Wool Flannel Lining. Osnaburg Sleeve Linings. Privately Made. Nice Work. Worn Twice And Remains In Great Shape.

. . . . . . . . . .

Large Haversack. Federal Pattern But Small Details Define This More As A Private Purchase Item. As Such It Could Be Used For U.S., C.S., Officer or EM. High Gloss Finish. Buckle & Strap Front Closure. Buttoning Cotton Inner Bag. Has Been Used But Remains In Very Nice Condition. Made By Jason Wickersty.

. . . . . . . . . .

Scarlet Red Officer Trousers. Partially Completed. Wool Blend (85% wool/15% synthetic). Cut For A 55" Waist But We Can Alter. Started To "Standard Grade" Specifications (principally machine sewn but w/ hand sewn button holes and some assorted hand tacking) And Will Finish As Such. The Gold Side Seam Piping Is Actual METALLIC, not Mylar Or Plastic. Upon completion These Trousers Will Feature Black Stipple Tin Buttons, Two Rear Adjustment Belts w/ Brass Buckle, Scalloped Cut/Upper Waistband Set Watch Pocket, Side Seam Main Pockets Plus Rolled Hand Hemmed Cuffs, Work Will Be Completed By SBC.

. . . . . . . . . .

Scarlet Red Chasseur Pattern Trousers. TWO pair. Brand New, Never Worn. Based Off An Original Pair Of Chasseur Trousers. Pre-Washed Medium Weight Wool (a blend of 85% wool - 15% synthetic). 48" Waist x 32" Length But We Can Alter. Pleated Waist, Black Stipple Tin Buttons, Two Rear Adjustment Belts w/ Brass Buckle, Side Seam Pockets, Rolled Hand Hemmed Cuffs, Originally Made By SBC.


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