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    We wish to let all our consignment customers know that we are in the early stages of migrating our entire consignments section over to eBay ( Because of on-going technical problems with our website server this move to eBay is in the best interests of all concerned (company as well as customers). Additionally, I've been looking for a time to retire from actual uniform production and just work with consignments. So given the website server problems it looks like now's the time to start making the move on both accounts.

    Consignment operations (new listings, sales, updates, etc) will continue to appear on this website as usual UNTIL JULY 1st. Then, within a few days after that this website will be deactivated and all Stony Brook Company consignment operations will effectively be on eBay.

    Now just to mention it very early on, here's how to connect with our developing consignments page on eBay (just a few items up there now as we get started with the move).

1:   Go to

2:  In the upper right hand corner of the homepage, near the blue SEARCH bar, click "advanced". This will take you to the ADVANCED SEARCH PAGE.

3:  Scroll down to the bottom of that page and look for SELLERS. Click the small box for "Only show items from" and then in the long box (next to "include") type in " glass-toad ". That's our eBay user identification. Then hit the blue "Search" button at the bottom of the page. That will take you to our current listings.

You can contact us at any time by clicking on any of our eBay listings and in the upper right hand corner under "SELLER INFORMATION" just click the "contact seller" link.

    If you are not familiar with eBay it would be a good idea to jot down and save the above information for future reference.

    We do need to mention that the eBay format is much different than what the guys have been used to seeing on these pages. Most features (or notices) that were hallmarks on this website such as "due-in-soon", "last general updating", "next scheduled postings", "sale pending", "sold", etc will not be available nor will we be able to list items by respective categories. However, most importantly, eBay affords us the opportunity to get the sellers items on the internet without the constant worry if the site will be down when we log on in the morning! Plus we can still post lots of photos and detailed descriptive texts that have been a standard feature on this website.

    We will keep everyone informed along the way via updates posted here. Of course please e-mail me with any questions you may have. Oh yes, this e-mail address ( is part of our website and will deactivate when the website does. If you use it in the meantime and encounter technical difficulties with it please contact us through eBay as per above OR through my personal e-mail address which is

    So that's the whole story folks and I personally apologize for any and all inconvenience.





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         Coats, Jackets, Trousers, Uniform Sets

         Caps/Hats, Vests, Shirts, Drawers, Insignia

         Accoutrements & Equipment, Camp & Mess Gear

         Civilian Clothing, Personal Items, Odds & Ends





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C.S. Frock Coat. Blue-Gray Jean Wool. 48 TALL. Used But In Great Shape. No Trim. Hand Top Stitched Plus Hand Sewn Button Holes. Full Length Cotton Check Lining. U.S. Eagle Buttons But Easily Replaced. Maker Unknown.

. . . . . . . . . .

Wool Cape. Dark Blue Wool w/ Falling Collar. Black Cotton Lining. Five U.S. Eagle Buttons On The Front w/ Hand Sewn Button Holes. These Can Be Easily Changed Out To C.S. or Civilian Buttons. Generous Length. Worn A Couple Times But In Beautiful Condition. Originally Purchased From The Sutler Of Ft. Scott.

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U.S. Infantry Corporal Chevrons. #AMS8982 (cotton herringbone twill tape)

Richmond Depot Kepi. #LB9983

C.S. Gray Jean Wool Kepi. #LB1309

U.S. Saber Belt Plate. #LB5836

C.S. Haversack. #LB4028

C.S. Cotton Haversack. #LB1103

White Wool Blanket. #LB9694

White Cotton Shirt. #LB1190

Dark Blue Civilian Cap. #LB5429

"Hempstead Rifles" Waist Plate. #LB2003 (Co. B, 3rd AK State Troops)

Peter Tait Jacket. #BC3838

Canvas & Leather Civilian Shoes. #BC8821

U.S. Infantry Frock Coat. #BC4590   (size 38)

Cavalry/Engineers 1st SGT Chevrons. #SH6529   (cotton herringbone twill tape)

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U.S. Sky Blue Infantry Officer Trousers. Used But In Great Condition. 39" x 30". Dark Shade Of Sky Blue Wool Broadcloth. Matches A Pair In The Atlanta History Center. Made By Joe Blunt.

C.S. Canteen Sling. Black Painted Cloth. New, Never Used. Maker Unknown.

C.S. Drum Canteen. New, Never Used. Adjustable Hand Sewn Cotton Ticking Carrying Strap. Uses A Persimmon Seed Button For Adjustment.

Wool Scarf. Unbleached Wool. New, Never Used. Hand Knitted By Kathy Kleiman.

U.S. Artillery SGT.MAJ. Chevrons. Used And Show A Little Wear. But In Still In Serviceable Condition. Originally From Sutler Row.

-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -  




Dark Blue Wool Trousers. Schuylkill Arsenal Pattern. Partially Completed. These Were Cut Out As A 44" x 29" But We Can Alter To Any SMALLER (waist and/or length) Size. 100% Wool From Ben Tart. Fabric Was Pre-Shrunk Prior to Cutting. These Were Started To "Standard Grade" Specs (principally machine sewn but w/ hand sewn button holes) And Will Be Completed As Such (upon sale) Here At The Shop.

. . . . . . . . . .

Jean Wool Trousers. Size Info Pending. Gray Wool Weft w/ A Brown Cotton Warp. A Mix Of Machine & Hand Sewing. All Top Stitching Done By Hand. Top Entry ("mule ear") Pockets. Watch Pocket. Two Rear Adjustment Belts. In Excellent Condition. Made By Becky Nall (Cotton City Tailors).

. . . . . . . . . .

Waistbelt w/ S.N.Y. Plate Used Belt w/ A New Plate. Black Leather Belt w/ 33 1/2" Maximum Length. Best Fits A Waist Size Of 32 1/2" Over The Coat. Stamped "Dell Leather Works" And Has A "Hartzell" Inspector's Stamp. The Antique Finish Cast Brass SNY Plate Is Brand New. Has A Letter "P" Cast Into The Back So This Is Not A Hanover Brass Product. Plate Was Originally Purchased At Regimental Quartermaster In Gettysburg.

. . . . . . . . . .

"Blanket Coat". Very Similar In Style To A Capote. Made From Brown Blanket Wool. Fits 46 To 48 Chest. Brand New. Good For C.S. or Civilian Use. Has A Hood. Nice Quilted Lining. Wool Waistbelt For Closing. Professionally Made. More Details Pending.

. . . . . . . . . .

Cap Box. Black Leather. Made By Chris Schreiber Around 1990. According To The Seller "This style features an unformed pocket and is associated with CS use. Some believe it to be of English origin". More Specifics Pending.

. . . . . . . . . .

Gray Wool Blanket. Similar To Those Issued By The U.S. Sanitary Commission. Has The Letters "USSC" Done In A Hand Sewn Chain Stitch. White Yarn Used For The Letters. More Info Pending.

. . . . . . . . . .

Cotton Shirt. Originally Purchased From Dirty Billy. Large Size. Light Color Check Fabric w/ Small Band Collar. Lined In The Chest. Principally Machine Sewn But w/ Handsewn Button Holes. White Glass Buttons. Has Some Stains From Living In A Knapsack But Structurally Sound. More Info Pending.

. . . . . . . . . .

Dark Blue Military Vest. Fabric Is "dark blue wool on white cotton satinette" (according to the seller). Striped Lindsey-Woolsey Back. All Fabric Came From Thistle Hill Weavers. Nine 1/2" U.S. Eagle "I" Buttons On The Front. Originally Made By Joe Covais (New Columbia sutlery). Size Info Pending.

. . . . . . . . . .

Civilian Shirts. Two Cotton Print Civilian Pattern Shirts. Size Large. More Information Pending.

. . . . . . . . . .

Civilian Wheel Type Hat. Sutler of Fort Scott. Black Cotton. Size 7 3/8. Brand New Never Worn. Still In Original Packaging.


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