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We are manufacturers of United States Army foot pattern enlisted man's trousers made in the WILLIAM DEERING contract and SCHUYLKILL ARSENAL depot patterns. We also manufacture OFFICER'S trousers and a limited line of civilian trousers as well. Of course, all of our trousers are made here in Oswego, New York! We have been an active part of the Civil War reenactment community since January 1968 and in service as a uniform manufacturer since July of 1974 (forty years and counting : ).

For Union enlisted man's 100% wool "museum grade" trousers
here's the PAGE for information and an order form.

To read why we continue use the Woolrich blend fabric while also working with 100% pure woolens please click here.

Since 1976 we have served as a commission merchant to the hobby and maintain a section on this site for new and used customer consigned items. These items can be found under the Consignments #1, #2 and #3 links under SITE MAP (see left) and in their respective catagories (coats, trousers, equipment, etc.). For our efforts on behalf of both buyers and sellers we have been classified as the PREMIER consignment service to the hobby.

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         Small Lot Of PARTIALLY COMPLETED Sky Blue 100% Wool Schuylkill Arsenal
         MOUNTED Pattern Trousers. Can Be Completed To Either "Museum Grade" Or
         "Standard Grade" Specifications. Assorted Sizes. Finished Features Will Include
         Side Seam Pockets, SA Pattern Watch Pocket, Full Length Mounted Reinforcement
         Panels, Split Rear Waistband w/ Tie-Back Cord, Split Cuffs & Paperbacked Tin
         Buttons. (SBC)


         14th Reg't N.Y.S.M "14th Brooklyn" Madder Red Trousers. Partially Completed.
         Currently Cut For A 40" Waist Size But We Can Easily Alter. Fully Lined. Pleated
         Waist. Rear Adjustment Belts, Side Seam Pockets. Under Assemby To "Standard Grade"
         Specifications (principally machine sewn but w/ hand sewn button holes). (SBC).

         Small Lot Of C.S. Infantry Chevrons. 1/2" Wide Sky Blue Wool Tape On Gray Wool
         Backings. Some Cut In The Bowed Pattern And Some In The Straight Edge Pattern.
         All New. (SBC).


         DARK Blue SA Mounted Pattern Trousers. 100% Wool. #BR4232.


         Dark Blue Untrimmed Size 44 100% Wool Roundabout. Nine U.S. Eagle Button Front w/
         Hand Sewn Button Holes. Plain Sleeves w/ Two Small U.S. Buttons. Short Standing
         Collar. Black Cotton Body Liner w/ Muslin Sleeve Linings. New. (privately made)

         Unlined U.S. 4 Button Sack Coat. Size 44. Medium Weight Dark Blue 100% Wool. Four
         3/4" Eagle Button Front w/ Hand Sewn Button Holes. Hand Felled Collar. Tapered Front
         Facings. Split Cuffs. Left Breast Pocket. Machine Hemmed. New. (privately made)

         Scartlet Red Medium Weight Trousers. Partially Completed (about 25% Assembled).
         Currently Cut For A 44" Waist Size But We Can Easily Alter Uo Or Down. At The
         Current Point Of Assembly We Can Complete To Either "Museum Grade" Or "Standard
         Grade" Specs. Finished Features Will Include Rear Adjustment Belts w/ Brass Buckle,
         Side Seam Pockets, Rolled/Hand Hemmed Cuffs, Black Stipple Tin Buttons & A Mix of
         White And Black Internal Cottons. (SBC).

         An Assortment Of Royal Blue Richmond Depot Trousers. Some In "Museum Grade"
         Finish And Some In "Standard Grade" Finish. More Info Pending. (SBC)

         Size 44 U.S. Sky Blue 100% Wool Foot Pattern Great Coat Made To "Museum Grade"
         Specifications. Jean Wool Body Lining & Cotton Drill Sleeve Linings. Hand Faced
         Standing Reinforced Collar w/ 2 Hooks & Eyes, Two Rear Adj. Belts, Split & Faced
         Rear Vent, Deep Roll-Back Cuffs. Currently Without Buttons Or Buttonholes But We
         Will Add Them Upon Sale. Has the "A. CLARK" Makers Stamp, Number "4" Size
         Stamp Plus A "Jos. Jones, NY Depot" Inspectors Stamp In The Sleeve. (SBC)

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Lastly, Stony Brook Company is now a mail order operation. We no longer maintain our walk in shop facility we had in downtown Oswego for many years. The 169 W. Fifth Street address is simply our administrative office location.

Thanks gang!

Chris Sullivan

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PLEASE NOTE: our trouser sizing is limited to a MINIMUM waist size of 30" to a MAXIMUM of 48". Due to pattern limitations we cannot manufacture outside of these size ranges. We apologize for any and all inconvenience.

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Additionally, please CLICK HERE to read our position on supplying trouser kits, patterns, partials, working with other fabrics and modifying our patterns.




Our favorite Victorian business philosophy which serves well even today

"The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot ...
it can't be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add
something for the risk you run, and if you do that, you will
have enough to pay for something better."

John Ruskin, Author, 1819 1900







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