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We are manufacturers of United States Army foot pattern enlisted man's trousers made in the WILLIAM DEERING contract and SCHUYLKILL ARSENAL depot patterns. CLICK HERE to see both grades plus main pattern differences between the DEERING and SCHUYLKILL ARSENAL trousers. We also manufacture OFFICER'S TROUSERS as well.

CIVILIAN TROUSERS: We do get numerous requests for civilian pattern trousers. Please e-mail me and we can discuss the options and details available.

We have been an active part of the Civil War reenactment community since January 1968 and in service as a uniform manufacturer since July of 1974 (forty-two years and counting :-).

CURRENT DELIVERY TIME: Given that we are extremely busy in the shop please allow a minimum of eight weeks on individual made-to-measure orders. For current delivery time on group orders please e-mail me.

Since 1976 we have also served as a commission merchant to the hobby and maintain a section on this site for new and used customer consigned items. These items can be found under the Consignments #1, #2 and #3 links (see left) and in their respective catagories (coats, trousers, equipment, etc.). For our efforts on behalf of both buyers and sellers we have been classified as the PREMIER consignment service to the hobby.

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LATEST ITEM ADDITION(S):      July 23rd  

in . . .


         Dark Blue 100% Wool STAFF Officer Trousers. Size 48" x 34". We Can Alter. "Museum
         Grade" Finish (machine sewn main seams but w/ hand sewn button holes & hand.
. White Cotton Drill Waistband Facings & Pocket Inserts, Black Polished
         Cotton Left Side Fly Facings, 1/8" Gold (synthetic) Piping Down The Outer Seams,
         Black Stipple Faced Tin Buttons, Split Rear Waistband w/ Two Adjustment Belts &
         Brass Buckle. Brand New Never Worn. (SBC)



         Size 7 3/8 Sand Colored (like a dark off-white) Unlined Wool Felt Civilian Hat. From
         Dirty Billy's Shop But A Commercially Made Item. Looks Very Similar To His "Dutch
         Crown #C13 Hat. Has A 1" Tan Colored Grosgrain Side Ribbon w/ The 4" Wide Brim
         Bound In The Same Tape. Machine Sew 1 1/2" Dark Brown Sweatband. Has Some Tiny
         Marks On It And A Slight "Wave" To The Brim But Otherwise In Great Condition!

as well as


         Black Oil Cloth Housewife w/ Bright Yellow Cotton On The Inside. Two Pockets Plus
         Two Small White Cotton Tabs For Pins & Needles. Small White Glass Button & Cloth
         Tab Closure. Brand New. (Engineer Sutler)

         Tobacco Pouch. Multi-Colored Polished Cotton Bag w/ white Cotton Lining. Drawstring
         Closure. Brand New Never Used. (Engineer Sutler)

in addition to


         Leather Blanket Roll Sling (?). From An Officer's Kit But Can Easily Be Used In
         Other Impressions. (maker Unknown.)


         C.S. Tan Jean Wool Commutation Jacket. Size 50. Campaigner Grade. Unusual
         Pattern To The Jean Wool. Cotton Striped Shirting Body Lining w/ Oatmeal
         Colored Sleeve Linings. Entirely Hand Top Stitched Plus Lots of Internal
         Hand Stitching. Used But In Very Good Physical Condition. A Dry Cleaning
         Would Help. (privately made).

         Federal Dark Blue Jean Wool Forage Cap. Size 7 3/8. Private Purchase Pattern.
         Never Been Worn To The Field And Remains In Great Condition. Bound Enameled
         Visor. Enameled Chin Strap w/ Custom Buckle. Black Cotton Lining. Quilted
         Lining Crown. (Sekela)

         Civilian Pattern Size 50 Tan Jean Wool Vest. Brand New Never Worn. Small Brass
         "Coin" Style Buttons On The Front. Polished Cotton Lining & Back. All Machine
         Sewn. (Engineer Sutler)


         Brogans; Size 11. #CS1135

         Dark Blue Wool Vest. #CS5082. Size 50


         Size 50 U.S. Staff Officer's Vest. Brand New Never Worn. Dark Blue Wool w/ Muslin
         Lining & Black Cotton Backing. Three Vest Pockets. 9 Sm. Staff Officer Buttons On
         The Front. Two Rear Belts w/ Buckle. Entirely Machine Sewn. (Quartermaster Shop).

         Black Leather Accoutrement Set - Cartridge Box, Cap Box, Waist Belt, Bayonet And
         Bayonet Scabbard. Used. More Details Pending. Maker Currently Unknown.

         Snare Drum. Unembellished. Very Nice Condition. Size & Additional Details
         Pending. (Florance Drum Co.)

         Drum Sticks. More Specific Information Pending.

         Columbus Depot Jacket. Size 46/48. Campaigner Grade In Nice Condition. Just
         Dry Cleaned. (maker unknown).

         Black Leather Cartridge Box w/ Sling. Has Tins But No Plates. (Sutler Row)

         Size 44 Richmond Depot Type II Brown Jean Wool Jacket. Osnaburg Lining. Extensive
         Hand Finishing. Standing Collar, Nine "I" Button Front, Shoulder Epaulettes & Side
         Belt Loops. Brand New Never Worn. Privately Made.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Lastly, Stony Brook Company is now a mail order operation. We no longer maintain our walk in shop facility we had in downtown Oswego for many years. The 169 W. Fifth Street address is simply our administrative office location.

Thanks gang!

Chris Sullivan

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Our favorite Victorian business philosophy which serves well even today

"The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot ...
it can't be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add
something for the risk you run, and if you do that, you will
have enough to pay for something better."

John Ruskin, Author, 1819 - 1900





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