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We are manufacturers of United States Army foot pattern enlisted man's trousers made in the WILLIAM DEERING contract and SCHUYLKILL ARSENAL depot patterns. CLICK HERE to see both grades plus main pattern differences between the DEERING and SCHUYLKILL ARSENAL trousers. We also manufacture OFFICER'S TROUSERS as well.

CIVILIAN TROUSERS: We do get numerous requests for civilian pattern trousers. Please e-mail me and we can discuss the options and details available.

We have been an active part of the Civil War reenactment community since January 1968 and in service as a uniform manufacturer since July of 1974 (forty-two years and counting :-).

CURRENT DELIVERY TIME: Given that we are extremely busy in the shop please allow a minimum of eight weeks on individual made-to-measure orders. For current delivery time on group orders please e-mail me.

Since 1976 we have also served as a commission merchant to the hobby and maintain a section on this site for new and used customer consigned items. These items can be found under the Consignments #1, #2 and #3 links (see left) and in their respective catagories (coats, trousers, equipment, etc.). For our efforts on behalf of both buyers and sellers we have been classified as the PREMIER consignment service to the hobby.

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LAST GENERAL UPDATING:    October 19th  

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LATEST ITEM ADDITION(S):      October 15th  

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         Size 46 U.S. Company Grade (Single Breasted) Officers Frock Coat w/ Medical Captain
         ("MS") Shoulder Straps. Medium Weight Dark Blue Wool. Fully Lined In Light Brown
         Polished Cotton w/ Muslin Sleeve Linings. External Upper Left Breast "Slash" Pocket
         & An Internal Horizontal Cut Left Breast Pocket In The Lining. Two Pockets In The
         Tails Of The Skirt w/ External Facings. Nine 7/8" U.S. Staff Buttons On The Front,
         Four On The Tails & Three Small On Each Non-functioning Cuff. Worn Just A Couple
         Times And Remains In Great Condition! High End Work! (Don Smith/TMD)

         Untrimmed U.S. Mounted Services Jacket w/ Bowed INF CPL Chevrons. Size 50.
         Lined In A Dark Khaki Colored Cotton Shirting w/ Thin Black Stipes. Internal Left
         Breast Pocket. Padded/Quilted Breast Panels. (N.J.Sekela)

         Entirely Hand Sewn Size 48 Schuylkill Arsenal Pattern 4-Button Sack Coat From A
         W.W. & Co.Kit. Lightweight Dark Blue Wool Flannel w/ A Dark Blue & Black Striped
         Cotton "3/4" Body Lining. Muslin Sleeve Linings. Maker, Size & Inspector Stamps In
         The Left Sleeve. (privately made)


         Hand Sewn Sky Blue Schuylkill Arsenal Pattern Trousers. #AM3834

         U.S. Four Button Sack Coat. #AM9826. (all hand sewn)

         U.S. Heavy Artillery Frock Coat. #MC7625.


         Small Lot Of DARK Blue 100% Wool Schuylkill Arsenal Pattern Trousers. Assorted
         Sizes. Made In Standard Grade Finish (principally machine sewn but w/ hand sewn
         button holes
). White cotton Drill Pockets & Facings. Paperbacked Tin Buttons.
         Rear Tie-Back Cord. (SBC)


         Hospital Steward's -or- Ordnance Sergeant's Crimson Piped U.S. Frock Coat. Size.
         54/56. Padded/Quilted Black Cotton Body Lining w/ Muslin Sleeve Linings. U.S.
         General Service Eagles Buttons. Has Medical Caduceus Sleeve Insignia But Easily
         Removed For Ordnance Sergeant Impression. Worn Just A Couple Times. (Sekela)

         Gray Jean Wool 46" X 33" Trousers. Used But In Nice Shape. Has Some Small Fraying
         On The Botton Edge Of The Cuffs. If You Need A Shorter Length These Areas Can Be
         Trimmed Off And The Cuffs Rehemmed. Buttoning "Mule Ear" Pockets, Black Tin Buttons,
         Cotton Drill Pockets & Facings. (Maker Unknown)

         Size 48/50 Canton Flannel Undershirt. Excellent Copy Of One At Gettysburg. High End
         Work w/ Lots Of Hand Sewn Details (hand sewn button holes plus rolled/hand felled
         body & sleeve seams
). Two Bone Buttons On The Front. Plain Cuffs. (Maker Unknown)

         Sky Blue Military Cut Size 50/52 Vest Piped In Dark Blue Wool. Made From County Cloth
         Sky Blue Kersey. Eight (8) 5/8" U.S. General Service Eagle Buttons On The Front.
         Standing Collar, Two Lower Front Pockets w/ External Black Polished Cotton Facings.
         Lined In Multi-Striped (teal/maroon/tan) Cotton Shirting. Same Fabric In The Pockets.
         Black Polished Cotton Backing And Rear Adjustment. Belts. Black Enameled Two-Tine
         Buckle. (Maker Unknown).

         Black Cotton Cravat. Excellent Condition! Modern Slide (friction) Buckle For
         Adjustment. A Very Nice Cravet Nonetheless. (Miss Sharons Historical Clothing).

         Private's Brass Shoulder Scales. Complete Set (scales, wing studs & retainer bars).
         Both Have Some Areas Of Surface Corrosion On Top And On The Non-Brass Element
         Underneath. Should Clean Up Fairly Decent w/ Some Steel Wool Work & Brasso. Nice
         Multi-Piece Scales And Not Your Thin Stamped Brass Pin-On Imported Items.

         Two Pair Sky Blue SA 100% Wool Mounted Trousers. Standard Grade. 42 & 46 (SBC)

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Lastly, Stony Brook Company is now a mail order operation. We no longer maintain our walk in shop facility we had in downtown Oswego for many years. The 169 W. Fifth Street address is simply our administrative office location.

Thanks gang!

Chris Sullivan

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Our favorite Victorian business philosophy which serves well even today

"The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot ...
it can't be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add
something for the risk you run, and if you do that, you will
have enough to pay for something better."

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